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"Radio's gone. TV's gone
                   ...all we got is true religion"

Psycho Remix - Sweet Water Pools

My friend and all-round video genius Lee Edmond produced this mix and video for the live Night Network recording of 'Sweet Water Pools'. Tune in, turn on, psyche out

Live TV appearances

The Old Grey Whistle Test

BBC Television

'Let's Go Down To The Woods'

'Good and Gone'

Broadcast live on the show, and featuring storming renditions of 'Let's Go Down To The Woods' and 'Good And Gone'. During the latter Bill's trademark guitar abuse requires a change of instrument mid-song!

The Old Grey Whistle Test
BBC Television

'Someone To Talk To'

Broadcast some time in 1985 on The Whistle Test. Filmed at the same show at the University of London Union from where five tracks were released on the B-side of the 'Twin Cadillac Valentine' 12" single. YouTube link

Hold Tight TV
Saturday morning Kids' TV show, UK.

'Wild Blue Yonder'

Shot in the palm house in Kew Gardens, and a mime to the track but interesting venue all the same. The YouTube clip also features the video for 'Four Engines Burning'. YouTube link

Night Network

Channel Four TV

LWT STudios, London


'Sweet Water Pools'

'I Wanna Be A Flintstone', 'Jesus Chrysler Drives A Dodge'

 'All Shook Down'

Probably the best live set captured on TV of the band. Great selection of songs, played with typical attack and ferocity.

Number 73

Wide Awake Club
Saturday morning Kids' TV

'I Wanna Be A Flintstone'

The show oft-mentioned as the depths of the sell-out period foisted on them by Warners after the chart success of 'Flintstone'.

YouTube link

Official Videos

'Twin Cadillac Valentine'

Promo video 1985

Shot around west London and along the West Way, and showcasing one of Bill's beloved American muscle cars. YouTube link

'Wild Blue Yonder'

Promo video 1985

Even more psychotic and surreal than the previous video... YouTube link

'Bikini Red'

Promo video 1988

Shot in the 'States and making the most of the Americana, planes and automobiles. YouTube link

'Four Engines Burning'

Promo video 1989

Aired a few times on MTV before the band were unceremoniously dumped by the label in 1989. YouTube link

'I Wanna Be A Flintstone'

Top of the Pops 2

BBC TV  (Shown 2003)

A reshowing in 2003 of their original TOTP appearance.

Live Radio appearances

John Peel Session

2nd August 1984

BBC Radio 1

''Good And Gone'

 'Someone To Talk To'

'Tracking The Dog'

 'Let's Go Down To The Woods And Pray'

Peel Sessions EPRecorded 24th July 1984, and predating the release of the Good And Gone EP, this is the first time punters will have heard the Messiahs other than live on stage. Tracks performed were 'Good And Gone', 'Someone To Talk To', 'Tracking The Dog' and 'Let's Go Down To The Woods And Pray'. Produced by Mark Radcliffe. Released in 1986 on vinyl through Strange Fruit Records in the UK and on CD through Dutch East India Trading in the US.

Paris Theatre, London

Live concert broadcast

30th March 1985

BBC Radio 1

Live at the BBCA superb live gig featuring three never released songs and a storming set of early numbers, including several in early versions that were to change significantly by the time they were recorded for the Gun-Shy album.

Available as a bootleg for many years, then released officially in 2007 on HUX Records as 'Live At The BBC' in it's entirety. This CD also contains the next two BBC sessions below for Andy Kershaw and Janice Long.

Andy Kershaw Session

14th June 1985

BBC Radio 1

'Good And Gone'

 'Tracking The Dog'

'Talking Doll'

Their second live session for the BBC, available on the 'Live at The BBC' album above. 'Talking Doll' was a seldom played live track so great to hear a version here.

Janice Long Session

4th November 1987

BBC Radio 1

'Sweet Water Pools'

'I Wanna Be A Flintstone'

'Big Brother Muscle'

Third and final live BBC session. Again, great to hear a live version of 'Big Brother Muscle' which hardly ever made it onto set lists.

Town & Country Club, London

Live concert broadcast

March 1988

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 Live in ConcertRecorded 27th February 1988 at the Town & Country Club in London and broadcast on Radio 1 soon after. This live show was later released on CD in 1992 by Windsong as the imaginatively titled 'BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert'. Full tracklist on the Known Associates page.

Paradise Club,

Boston, USA

Live FM broadcast

6th April 1988

WFNX Radio

Live FM radio broadcast of the second of two back-to-back shows. Great sound and set list, leaning heavily on Gun Shy and Bikini Red tracks. Includes a superb, slowed down rendition of 'President Kennedy's Mile', in the style they would often do the song live. Full tracklist in the bootlegs section.

BBC Radio 6
In Concert

1988 Details sketchy!

'Tracking The Dog'

 'I Want Up'

'Smash The Market'

 'Sweet Water Pools'

 'Bikini Red'

This curiosity appeared late one morning on BBC 6 Music. I think it may be recorded at one of the Town & Country Club shows in 1988, but that's pure guess-work. Top notch recording and superb sound.

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